Gavin Rorke offers you a unique Africa Hunting experience of Big Game and
Plains Game Safaris.

About us

Gavin Rorke opted to sell out his Dande north camp fire area to be able to offer clients more options when booking a hunt so they are placed in the best area for the species they require, rather than having to fill quota in one area? Gavin Rorke Safaris can offer Safaris in some of Zimbabwe's Prime Concessions like the Zambezi Valley and Matetsi.
Zambezi valley we can offer the most thrilling experiences,this is a incredible wild area that is abundant with free ranged Dangerous Game as well as some Plains Game.

Matetsi region is famous for its in credible Sable and multi species Safaris. And of course it's close Proximity to mighty Victoria Falls.
Whilst specializing in Big Game we do have areas that are great for Plains game, these can be added on to existing hunt s or booked as a safari for any one who would like a Plains Game Safari. Safaris can be tailored to suit any needs and ensure the experience of a life time.

The Safari Camps are all of the highest standards with all the modern conveniences. The Safaris are conducted by Gavin and his Professional Hunters who's tracker teams are all exceptional. The bush cuisine is great with top class bush chefs preparing 3 course evening meals for you whilst you have Snacks and sip a cocktail by the camp fire exchanging stories.

With a lifetime of experience, we assure you of making your hunting experience a memorable one. Any hunt in Africa is with out doubt, a unforgettable experience for old and newcomers,Zimbabwe lies between the Great Zambezi River in the North and the great Limpopo River in the south.